Established in 2013, MBM Sporting Events is a race management and services company dedicated to supporting our community as a whole. All of our races are currently 100% dedicated to charitable giving.

Our passion is the outdoors: triathlons, adventure racing, running up hills, rock climbing for Matt (well, that’s mostly indoors), and everything else. Our goal is to keep Bravado Challenge running for another 12 years as well as Tim and Katie did for the first 12 years.
We have a great group of volunteers, sponsors, and participants who have all worked to benefit the LSS Birth to 3 program — a program we want to continue supporting as long as this race can keep going!
We have great ideas to bring more awareness for Birth to 3 to the community (and to those who run the Bravado Challenge).
We are all excited to start the next chapter of this event, and we welcome any and all suggestions, feedback, and comments.

We will continue to bring new events and services beyond the Bravado Challenge over the years!

In 2014, we took over MAFF – the Milwaukee Area Fall Frenzy, an 8 hour adventure race around Lapham Peak State Park.