Please review our gear list and information about the race. We do allow solo racers with approval (prior adventure racing experience), but this category does not qualify for series points.

MAFF has two categories for race awards: Premier (3 and 4 person Co-Ed) and Open.


In order to remain consistent with other races in the 1st Basis Adventure Racing Series, the following rules apply:

  1. Open to any 2, 3, or 4-person team in two divisions: coed and open
  2. All coed division teams compete against each other, and all open division teams compete against each other, regardless of the number of team members competing

  3. Teams must simply keep the same team name and division (coed or open) throughout the series.  Teammates may be substituted.  Ensure you register for each race under the same team name for your points to accumulate

  4. Teams will compete for a maximum of 400 possible points

        3-6 hour races = 50 points possible

        8-12 hour races = 100 points possible

        13+ hour races = 150 points possible

  1. Teams may race any combination of races in the series, and their best combination of awarded points out of a maximum of 400 possible points gives them their point total (see example below)

  2. The highest possible score of 400 points is only possible if a team finishes first place in there combination of races that add up to 400 possible points (e.g. 1st place in four 100-point races, OR 1st place in one 150-point race two 100-point races and one 50-point race, OR 1st place in four 50-point races and two 100-point races, etc)

  3. There is no minimum number of races to compete in the series

  4. Teams may compete in more than 400 points worth of races, but only their best results out of a maximum of 400 possible points will count towards their series score

  5. Points will be awarded based on finishing place within your series division (coed or open) as follows:

        3-6 hour races = 50 pts (1st), 48 pts (2nd), 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36 (minimum of 36 pts for competing)

        8-12 hour races = 100 pts (1st), 96 pts (2nd), 92, 88, 84, 80, 76, 72 (minimum of 72 pts for competing)

        13+ hour races = 150 pts (1st), 144 pts (2nd), 138, 132, 126, 120, 114, 108 (minimum of 108 pts for competing)

  1. Teams may only count points from one team per race.  If two teams are purposely registered under the same name at a race, the team with the higher place will receive points for that team in the series.

Example: a team races three 100-point races and two 50-point races = 400 possible points.  If that team placed 5th in each race their total score would be 336 (84+84+84+42+42).  If the team then raced an additional 50-point race and finished first, the 50 points from that race would replace one of the previous 42-point scores, and not be in addition, to give them a new total of 344 (84+84+84+50+42).


For races with two lengths, are both lengths included in the series?

Yes, your team can choose which length race to compete in, and you will be awarded points accordingly

If my team finished 1st place in an 8-hour hour race (100 points), 7th place in a 10-hour race (76 points) 7th place in a 12-hour race (76 points), 13th place in an 8-hour race (72 points), and 8th place in an 8-hour race (72 points), why is our score not 396? (100 + 76 + 76 + 72 + 72)?

Your score would be 324 (100 + 76 + 76 + 72) because each of the 8-hour races where you took 13th and 8th place place was worth a possible 100 points, so you can only count one of those races towards your total of 400 possible.  You can however compete in another 8-12-hour race to try and improve your points from the 72 you received for 8th place. Anything higher than 8th place would replace your 72 points with that higher number.

My team is from Illinois, are we allowed to compete in the series?

Yes!  We welcome out of state teams to race in the series.

Tie-Breaking Rules

  1. Consider all races in which the two teams competed against each other. The team that finished ahead of the other in the most races will be ranked higher.

  2. If still tied, add up ALL points from ALL division races (more than 400 total possible points). The team with the higher point value will be ranked higher.

  3. If still tied, the teams will officially be ranked equally/tied. Any prizes will be split between the two teams. All subsequent teams will be moved down one ranking. E.g. two teams tied for 2nd place will split the prizes of 2nd and 3rd place equally. The next team will be ranked 4th place.